As businesses strive to boost productivity and reduce costs, technology is revolutionizing the logistics sector day by day. Leading shipping companies like Pickrr, FreightBro, NimbusPost, and others leverage automation and data analytics to improve decision-making and expedite operations. As businesses look to further automate their logistical operations, the use of drones and robots is also growing.

In the fiscal year 2021, the Indian logistics market was expected to be worth $250 billion. The market is anticipated to develop at a compound annual growth rate of between 10% and 14% to reach 380 billion dollars in 2025.

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Top Logistics Startups that are Disrupting India’s Supply Chain Ecosystem

  • NimbusPost 

With its tech-enabled logistics services, NimbusPost offers e-commerce shipping solutions to large-scale businesses and SMEs. NimbusPost is able to provide swift and hassle-free shipping, minimal RTO, maximum transparency, and prompt COD reimbursement by utilizing cutting-edge technology such as AI, ML, and automation. Using NimbusPost’s automated cloud-calling and WhatsApp feature, the sellers may quickly confirm COD orders and take care of delivery as needed.

  • FreightBro

Chennai-based FreightBro leverages technology to give freight forwarders the ability to make data-driven decisions, anticipate market trends, and offer shippers more value. FreightBro aims to provide forwarders with a digital platform that helps them to receive rates more rapidly, increase operational efficiencies, increase sales, and make informed decisions utilizing data analytics.

  • BlackBuck

BlackBuck, India's largest trucking company, is revolutionizing the nation's logistics sector. With Data Science at its core, it gives shippers and truckers transparent pricing, efficiency, and dependability, resulting in a seamless experience. BlackBuck prioritizes both the use of data and machine learning as well as changing consumer behavior.

  • Rivigo 

With a significant fleet of company-owned vehicles, line-haul provider Rivigo claims to reduce transit times by 50–70% when compared to other carriers. On the RIVIGO freight digital trucking platform, customers can add or submit whole truckload demands. It enables shippers and fleet operators the ability to maximize results by optimizing their fleets.

  • Pickrr

Pickrr is a SaaS-based logistics start-up that uses big data and AI-powered solutions to assist D2C businesses in growing their operations. Pickrr combines technologically advanced value-added services and cutting-edge fulfillment facilities to solve the problems faced by D2C merchants. Pickrr offers customized, pre-configured APIs that enable easy integration of any online store using its platform.


Given the country's expanding economy and persistently high demand for effective transportation and logistics services, India's logistics sector has a promising future. As logistics companies strive to deliver affordable e-commerce shipping solutions to online businesses and e-tailers, technology will continue to play a significant part in the industry. 

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